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Arrows: move
O button/Z - shoot
X button/X - jump

2 years before Mountains of Demise II, a boy conquered the Mountain of Demise, the second most dangerous mountain in the world, to rescue Princess Lilianna, his loved one. Now, he's The Chosen One to rescue the world from a wave of cyberdemons. Climb mountains, collect and use 4 artifacts in a quest to save the world.

- save the world!
- 4 artifacts to collect
- awesome music by Adrian Makes Games, Sivak and Tomohisa Mitsuyatsu covered by Adrian Makes Games
- new gameplay mechanics
- no unfair sections!

211216 - speedrun mode (all items collected, start at the mountain entrance, no checkpoints)
9000*1 - play song *

1.3 - fixed respawning enemies on the bottom half after selecting "End"
1.2 - added sound test
- added some more flair to the game over song
1.1 - fixed some small map bugs
1.0 - initial release

(CC) 2016 Adrian Makes Games. Made with love. Music borrowed from Battle Kid and Kamen no Ninja Akakage, covered by me.


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hit-box too big, character dies from non-existent hit.