A downloadable game for Windows


  • Arrows - d-pad (move)
  • Z - B (shoot minigun)
  • X - A (shoot shotgun)
  • S - Start (start the game)

Jump around, kill some alien scum and traverse 5 levels to rescue the town from the invasion of Martians! Game made for GBJAM 5.

Features music shamelessly borrowed from:

  • Ninja Gaiden Shadow on GB
  • Adventure Island 2 on NES
  • Mega Man II on GB
  • Mega Man V on GB
  • Aladdin 2 on NES
  • Tengen Tetris on NES
  • Power Blade on NES
  • Double Dragon 2 on NES

Try pressing Down + Z on the title screen for a little surprise!
Other cheat codes are shown after completion.

Version 1.11

  • extra mode added (5 NEW HARDER stages + a little surprise in 3rd stage)
  • nerfed the difficulty
  • fixed infinite lives bug
  • deleted web version because it was hard to maintain.

(C) 2016 Adrian Makes Games. Made for GBJAM 5 with Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and some love.


Attack of the Martians GB (26 MB)

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